Welcome Ladies!

Hi,  I’m Coach T.  I’m a born and raised Southerner who is married to a Trini. I specialize in recipe remixes.

 You will often find me in my “lab” combining my favorite parts of different  recipes to make my own THM compliant creation.

As a Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach, I have the privilege of showing  overhelmed women how to lose weight  while ditching extreme workouts, diving into desserts, and devouring carbs.

You KNOW you need to lose weight, but...

Losing weight is a struggle, isn’t it? You’ve tried to lose weight on your own, but your body is just stubborn! I can help you follow the THM plan, find food freedom, gain victory and help you lose the weight that is bogging you down. Want to learn more? Click the purple button to setup a Free Call. Talk soon!

Upcoming Events

Dec. 7th, 2020 - Dec 11th, 2020
Welcome to Wellness Event
  • 1:00 PM EST
  • Coach T
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Welcome to Wellness Event

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