Most frequently asked questions and answers

THM stands for Trim Healthy Mama.

In a nutshell, the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle is an eating plan that embraces all food groups, replaces refined sugar with natural sweeteners, and embraces protein-anchored meals that focus on one fuel at a time— either healthy fats or healthy carbs.

Absolutely not! The THM plan is adaptable for all members of the family regardless of age or gender.

While THM company manufactures a host of fabulous products that will help you on your THM journey, these products are not necessary to make the plan work. You will find that most THM friendly recipes can be made with items found in the grocery store.

A THM coach is an expert in the area of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. As a coach, I will work in partnership with you to teach the plan, provide accountability, set goals, and take action to achieve and sustain your weight loss goals.

In general, my clients are 30 to 50 year-old women who want to lose weight with the THM plan and keep it off. I work with my clients to  define their weight loss goals, come up with a plan to achieve those goals, and  develop a blueprint to implement that plan.  The THM plan also helps my clients to increase their energy, to regulate their blood sugar, and to improve their overall health.

I recommend that my clients work with me for a minimum of 3 months because this time-frame has a high rate of success of developing healthy habits, and sustaining long term transformation.

Absolutely! Many of clients are Drive-Thru-Sues. We discuss how they can make simple meals that are THM compliant as well as dine out and stay on-plan.

THM is about  healthy, sustainable weight loss, not quick weight loss.  Would you rather lose weight quickly and gain it back quickly, or lose it over time and keep it off?

Research shows that people are 65 %  more likely to reach their fitness goals if they have an accountability partner.  Not only will hiring me as your  coach provide you with a source of accountability, you will have the benefit of my expertise in customizing the plan for you.  General information is great, but as your coach I can help tailor things specifically to your needs.

This plan can  be as inexpensive or expensive as you make it.  Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett created this plan when they had an extremely limited budget.  This plan does not have to break the bank. 

The first step to working with me is booking your free Transformation call.  In the call, I will learn more about your goals, and we will discuss next steps if we decide that we would like to work together.