Master Your Meal Prep

The Meal Prep Guide is a free guide where you’ll learn how to…

Prepare your meals without spending hours in the kitchen unless you want to.

Create a meal plan using a simple template.

Shop smarter so you have what you need when you go to make your recipes.

Store your meals so they are as fresh as possible when you’re ready to eat them.

A lot of women, already overwhelmed with work, carting the kids to piano and karate lessons after school,  attending PTA meetings, and volunteering  don’t think that can possibly fit meal prep into their already packed schedules.


If meal prep feels overwhelming, you’re not alone.


Do you think meal prep requires spending hours in the kitchen at one time?  Think again.


While that is one way to do it, it certainly is not the only way. I’m Tamara Williams (“Coach T”) and I’m here to walk you through some simple strategies to help you master meal prep minus the headache and frustration.


These are the strategies that have been a huge part of my 50+ pound weight loss.


Meal prep doesn’t have to be a time-sucking and stressing.


All you need is some simple strategies that you can rinse and repeat to make meal prepping a breeze.


And that’s what you’ll get with the Meal Prep Guide.

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