Snack Swaps

The Snack Swap is a free video guide where you’ll learn how to…

Swap your favorite off-plan salty  snacks with healthier options with all the crunch and taste of the “original”.

Satisfy your  sweet tooth with  delicious desserts with all the taste and none  of the processed sugar. 

Whether you’re #Team Salty or #Team Sweet, snacks  fill the gaps between meals, but of course not all snacks are create equal.  



I’m Tamara Williams (“Coach T”) and I’m here to show you how to lose weight without forcing yourself to choke down food that you hate, for the sake of losing weight.   


Yes…..you can eat delicious food that actually tastes good and still fit in that cute red dress in the back of your closet.     


In this video guide, I share some of my favorite healthy snacks.  Many of them taste just as good, if not better than the unhealthy version. 


Ready to learn how to swap your snacks?  Let’s do this!!   Click the button below to grab your free guide. 




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