Meet Monica

Monica struggled with weight loss for years until Coach Tamara started coaching her on THM. She successfully lost 20 Lbs postpartum, all while working full time and caring for 2 active children under the age of 3! 

"My THM Coach Tamara Williams is AWESOME! This investment in my health has been LIFE CHANGING and worth every penny! Thanks for the guidance and support! You are truly blessing me!"
Monica W.
South Carolina

Another Happy Client, Marie!

"Coach Tamara, THM, and walking have transformed my life diagnosis of pre-diabetes (now it doesn’t exist), hypertension, and high cholesterol (now the numbers are in normal range.) I am a senior citizen that has enormous energy and have gone from size 16 W to size 10. I have experienced success even when I failed to be in total compliance with the eating plan. I am grateful for food freedom and the guidance and support of Coach Tamara."
Marie M.
South Carolina

Meet Danielle, she lost 10 lbs in FIVE weeks!

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